Dragon Descriptions

There it stood. Four legs and a body. It stared at Hiccup. Hiccup stared back at its flurocesent green eyes. It had a pink body. As pink as a pig but it had black spots as black as coal. Its mouth was as pink as a flamingo. It did have fangs. It also had two heads which meant twice as much trouble. It had metallic supple wings. They were as supple as a cushion. It was… a…drrraaagggon!

What do you think of this?

What parts are effective descriptions?

What could we do to improve it?

31 thoughts on “Dragon Descriptions

  1. I think that four legs and a body can be improved by adding an adjective.It could sound something like this it had four razor sharp claws at the end of his legs and a thin body.

  2. I loved the part where you put fluorescent green eyes I hope you make a nother one.Also I think that you should improve it stood it had it also.

  3. I think you turn the mouth sentence like neon ruby red.I think you should change the pink body bit to something like it had a bright shiny pink body.The florucesent eyes bit is amazing and I like the bit where it said it had as pink as a flimingo is amazing to.

  4. I think it was really good I think you should improve the part where it said it stared at hiccup for example it stared at hicupp with it ermaled green eyes

  5. I really liked the part were you put it also had two heads which meant twice as trouble.i think you should change it into adverbs or different sentence starters.

  6. I think that was a amazing discription india but I think you should improve it to the dragon had blood on its claws from the skeltons on the ground with fire breathing out of its mouth… But the other parts are sooooo good well done india.

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