My excellent ending by Olivia.

At that moment,the monstrouse beast swished its tail and leaped for the sisters.They dodged the beast and rolled on the floor despratly.The bolted for the nearest house snatched a bow and arrow of the antique table and dashed for the door of the wooden hut.”let’s save our people,” screamed Pixie .”yes but how?” asked Trixie.The twins thought for a moment until Pixie had an idea.”let’s calm it down,” suggested Pixie.So they went to calm it down and eventually found a thorn in its foot.They made friends and lived happily and no one got hurt again.

One thought on “My excellent ending by Olivia.

  1. 1.I love how you have made it funny
    2.How did the dragon get the thorn in his foot
    3.this would be even better if you added more detail

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