My recommened resolution by Emma.

At that moment,the immense dragon aggressively swiped his tail trudging towards the terrified Trixie. Her heart was pounding, sweat was dripping, her arm was shaking like a baby’s rattle. Quickly she grabbed her crossbow and shot it at the dragon. The dragon squealed but it didn’t bother him. Trixie remembered that she had a capture net in her hut. Trixie bolted through the burnt broken huts and grabbed her net. She ran back and threw it at the scaly dragon.

“Yeh,” everyone cried.

At the end she was rewarded with a fluffy, freindly dragon.

2 thoughts on “My recommened resolution by Emma.

  1. 1. I really loved the way you used a range of alliteration.
    2. What happened to the Dragon at the end of this part of your story?
    3. This could be even better if you could think about other ways to open your sentences. Adverbs work well just like the ‘quickly’ you used.

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