28 thoughts on “Lila’s thoughts

  1. I feel a bit frustrated and envious of the fact that my dad is saying that l am not allowed to be a firework maker just because I am a girl.

  2. How did you feel when Chulak told you about Mount Merapi?
    I felt envious of Chulak because he found out the secrets of being a firework maker and my own father wouldn’t tell me. I felt frustrated at my father because just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I can’t be a firework maker.

    Why did you write the letter?
    I wrote the letter to my father to show him girls can be firework makers.

  3. I felt so envious yet so happy. I was envious with chulak and my farther, my farther because he told dmy best friend the firework makers secret, BUT NOT ME!

    I left a note because I wanted to rub my envy in his face, MwhuHahahah!

    I felt anxious on the mountain because I left my dad.

  4. I felt furious. I can’t believe that my father would trust a servant more than me, his daughter! I’m going to prove it to him that I can be a firework maker, I can defeat Racvani, I can get the Royal sulphur, I can, I can, I can.

  5. .puzzled-she doesn’t know why she’s not allowed to be a firework
    .worried-about her farther is going to come and get her the village to take her back home.
    .angry-because her father is not telling the secret.
    .determined-because she keels trying to be a firework maker.

  6. I felt so used because I just maid a really god firework and I don’t have the power to make the firework and he is going to use it for his own fireworks.
    I wrote a letter to my farther to rub the envy in his face I thought he would tell me instead of my best friend just because he’s a boy and he did not even tell his own dauter.I was sooooooo exited about the journey ahead of me because nobody will stop me in my path.I wrote the letter because he was going to send me off to my aunts house to be a ballerina when he had the best job in the world I was so frustrated!!!!!!!!

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