Prefixes im and in

Add the correct prefix to these words:

capable mature definite
complete edible
mobile movable precise
passable sincere credible

For each word
1. add the correct prefix
2. What do you notice when you added the prefix? (Are there any rules?)
3. How did you know which prefix to use? How can you check if you are correct?
4. What was the meaning of the root word?
5. What is the meaning of the word with the prefix added?

16 thoughts on “Prefixes im and in

  1. Impossible I notice that it means the opposite of the first word you say
    E.g possible equals impossible
    I know because it makes no sense for impossible well maybe.

  2. Complete-incomplete
    You can check in your dictionary .
    It made scence.
    I noticed that it ment that it isn’t complete.
    It was finished.
    It made scence as well
    It means it isn’t credible

  3. Capable-incapable
    Means: you can do it
    Means: you can’t do it
    You can check in a dictionary
    Complete- Imcomplete
    Means: you’ve finished
    Means:you’ve not finished
    You can check in a dictionary
    If the root words begins with c we think you have to add in
    If the root word begins with m we think you have to add Im

  4. Capable is incapable because imcapable isn’t a thing
    I know this because one word makes sense but the one that begins whith a I’m is rong

  5. Capable-incapable
    Capable means I can come to the party tonight.
    Incapable means I can not come to the party tonight.

    I wanted to complete my homework that night.
    I uncompleted my homework last night.

  6. Mature-immature
    mature meaning: sensible and quite grown up
    immature meaning: silly and not sensible
    With mature when you want to change it to immature you need to double the “M”.

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