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Rings of Responsibility

Today we learnt about being a good digital citizen and what this means. We discussed how our actions online affect ourself, friends and families and the wider community.

What can you remember?

What ring of responsibility would you place these statements in and why?

1) Asking permission before posting a silly photo of a classmate.
2) Using only kind language in a virtual world (e.g Minecraft)
3) Keeping your passwords private.

What does it mean to be a good Digital citizen?

The twits

Who are the main characters?
Mrs twit mr twit and the monkey.

What happens in the story?
The twits trick each other and like to kill birds.Whilst the twits we’re out one day all the animals that wants to get revenge on the twits the stick everything on the roof to look like their house has tipped over.

What is your favourite part and why?
My favourite part is when mr twit goes out every night and puts a slice of wood on the walking stick to make her think she had The shrinks.

Who would you recommend this book too?
I would recommend this book to 4 and over and anyone else who’s up to some gruesome stories.