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Rings of Responsibility

Today we learnt about being a good digital citizen and what this means. We discussed how our actions online affect ourself, friends and families and the wider community.

What can you remember?

What ring of responsibility would you place these statements in and why?

1) Asking permission before posting a silly photo of a classmate.
2) Using only kind language in a virtual world (e.g Minecraft)
3) Keeping your passwords private.

What does it mean to be a good Digital citizen?

The twits

Who are the main characters?
Mrs twit mr twit and the monkey.

What happens in the story?
The twits trick each other and like to kill birds.Whilst the twits we’re out one day all the animals that wants to get revenge on the twits the stick everything on the roof to look like their house has tipped over.

What is your favourite part and why?
My favourite part is when mr twit goes out every night and puts a slice of wood on the walking stick to make her think she had The shrinks.

Who would you recommend this book too?
I would recommend this book to 4 and over and anyone else who’s up to some gruesome stories.

Grandpa’s Great Escape by David Walliams

Who are the main characters?
Grandpa, Jack, Miss Swine (matron) and Mrs Trifle.

What happens in the story?
Jacks grandpa goes to twighlight towers then jack has a plan to get him out of there.

What is your favourite part and why?
When Jack finds out that Matron and Reverend Hogg are the same person!

Who would you recommend this book too?
Anyone because it is a good and funny book for all ages.

Dork diaries omg all about me Diary

Who are the main characters?
Nikki Maxwell
Brianna maxwell

What happens in the story?
Nikki writes 365 questions and you basically answer them but if it was your book from home you could actually write in it.If you can you write a recount of two whole years.It even includes stickers I mean how amazing is that.

What is your favourite part and why?

My favourite part is the intro and the blurb because it tells you a bit about the book
Who would you recommend this book too?
Probably to ks2

Diary of the wimpy kid the long haul. Jeff Kinney

Who are the main characters?
Greg, Rokdrick, Manny, mum and dad

What happens in the story?
They go on a long trip and aload of bad things go wrong like they get lost and they lose a key to all they stuff a soak central ( soak central is where they go to where Greg choose to go for a day).

What is your favourite part and why?
My favourite part of the story is where they go to a motel and it is so messy and when manny won a piglet!!!

Who would you recommend this book too? I would recommend this book to people that love diary of the wimpy kid and people that are 7 and up.

Witch wars

Who are the main characters?
Tiga whicabim, Fran, felicity bat, Peggy piggiwiggle and aggie hoof.

What happens in the story?
Tiga comes to ritzy city to find out she is competing in a witch wars event against other witches even the evilest of them all felicity bat and she needs to get back to the house before anyone else does to win the competition.Do you think she will win?

What is your favourite part and why?
Our favourite part is when Tiga finds out she’s a witch.

Who would you recommend this book too?
Anyone because it is funny and great for all the family.

A series of unfortunate events Lemony snicket

Who are the main characters?
Violet Klause sunny count Olaf dr Montgomery mr Poe

What happens in the story?
The Baudelaire parents died so they went to count loafs house and count Olaf tried to steel there money.

What is your favourite part and why?
My favourite part is when mr Poe takes the children to dr Montgomery’s house.

Who would you recommend this book too?
8+ you would stop reading these books at the age of 12.

Lily alone, by Jacqueline Wilson

Lily is the main character and her brother and sisters ( Baxter, Pixie and Bliss) who are also important characters.

In the story Lily’s mum goes on holiday and doesn’t come back for a long time. Lily and her siblings go and live in the park as chaos happens at their house. Lily has to feed clean and entertain the children but it it very tricky.

My favourite part is where Lily robs a house of their food to feed her brother and sisters.

I would recommend this book to people around 8 and 9 because parts of it are a little bit sad.

Gangsta granny

Who are the main characters?

It’s all about a boy who doesn’t like going to his granny’s but when he discovers his granny’s got a biscuit tin full of treasure he wants to help her steal the crown Jewels.

What is your favourite part and why?
My favourite part is where they climb threw the sewer to get to the palace garden because its funny and sounds like a big adventure.

Who would you recommend this book too?
I would recomened this book to age 6-12.
i hope you like it and enjoy it very much.

New Blog Page Alert!!!

Hi all,

Exciting news! There is a new page on the blog. At the top, on the black tab, you can now access the book review page where you can tell us all about your latest read. You can even upload a picture of the book’s front cover!

We look forward to reading your recommendations.

Bye for now,

Year 4 Hall.

P.S Students of year 4 Hall, can you spot any fronted adverbials in this post?

Electrocity – time lapse

Here are some time lapses of our Electrocity experience today.

Building Our town! from Jonathan Wells on Vimeo.

Lytham built in a day! from Jonathan Wells on Vimeo.

Light it up! from Jonathan Wells on Vimeo.

Thank you to our visitor Stephen who provided us with so much Lego, learning and fun.
Electrocity Workshop

What did you learn about electricity and circuits today?

Prefixes im and in

Add the correct prefix to these words:

capable mature definite
complete edible
mobile movable precise
passable sincere credible

For each word
1. add the correct prefix
2. What do you notice when you added the prefix? (Are there any rules?)
3. How did you know which prefix to use? How can you check if you are correct?
4. What was the meaning of the root word?
5. What is the meaning of the word with the prefix added?

Joshua’s dog

My dog is big but he is very kind and friendly. sometimes he will bark at you because he is trying to guard my family but after a while he gets to know you he doesn’t get to worried. With dogs he is also a bit friendly but at first he will bark at it only for a while. Joke: what did the dog say when he sat on sand paper?                                                                                        … ruff…

Come and read boys and girls

Samantha loved the way he flicked his long green scaly tail across the dark brown cave Samantha and the friendly dragon were in the cave toghether chattering to each other suddenly Samantha thought for a minute and said to the friendly dragon what about your name “what about my name”.Your name you need a name.”OH YEH I get you now.”Yes I need a name.”Your name is Trixie yes that’s the name for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My Astonishing Resolution By Ruby H

At the middle of the night that forotios roar went on again.Scarlet grabbed her torch and her magic map that she had got for Christmas. Her mum told her to only use it when she heard a strange noise.She never know why. She quietly step by step slowly went outside . With her torch she found her best friend. As she found a trail of footprints . Next to it was a pile of leaves. Scarlet sat on them …

My brilliant ending by Andrew.

He arrived at the blacksmiths hut. It  wasn’t there hello Eric the blacksmith said  hello Eric said were shutting the blacksmith said.Eric went to see the dragon. He went to his house and got his crossbow. The dragon wiped the crossbow out of Eric’s hand. Eric went to see the other people and he said where’s Barfbrain over there the people said Eric said to Barfbrain your the dragons lunch  no he said you have to OK said Barfbrain aaaahhhh! Barfbrain screamed. Good job said Eric now Eric said they got there weapons ready and charged at the dragon. The dragon was throwing them every were. They were going in the houses. Then Eric shouted get out of the houses because the dragon will set them on fire they got out of the houses and hid behind every Eric come on Eric said  Eric threw a potion at the dragon the dragon dogged it no! Eric shouted and it hit a spuid  and it turned into a kraken Eric said how is that helpful.

My EXITING Resolution by Jacob

Nervously ,the young Viking was at the Training Hall.Boomer was rapidly getting his axe ready for some dragon trianing in the humungus Trianing Hall at the top of the best of the rocky cliffs in the world to me because it was massive.Boomers best friends were Pixie and Trixie they were the best twins they always had the same shields and axes they lived in candy land but I lived in pixie land but I still don’t understand why they don’t live in Pixie land. But then I had butterflies in my head then my enemy came in.Boomer had the loudest voice in the whole of Pixie land and when he sang he had the loudest voice in the whole world it was nearly the biggest in the universe!

My Extraordinary Resolution by Josh

When the dragon forcibly attaked the church, Wolf and his friends had time with their plan tho stop the furious and revolting dragon from ripping them to pices. It was hard for the boys to see because of all of the dust from the dragon and the burnt down houses. Their plan was to distract the infuriating dragon then wolf comes in and lies on the floor and the dragon will dive at him Jack will find a crossbow and pass it to wolf. Then he will shoot the dragon that is at the moment trying to destroy the chief. The plan is in action so wolf and his friends distract the undefinable dragon which worked like a pice of cake then wolf dived onto the floor like a cheeta that pounced on him. Luckily, he didn’t hurt him self, he dragon spotted wolf and thought he was dead. Pircly the dragon dived at him and Jack found a crossbow and threw it to wolf, wolf cought it and shot the bow right at him and the dead dragon was put in a cage and it was all quiet again. But the only thing is, is when will the pursing dragon wake up again.