My brilliant ending by Andrew.

He arrived at the blacksmiths hut. It  wasn’t there hello Eric the blacksmith said  hello Eric said were shutting the blacksmith said.Eric went to see the dragon. He went to his house and got his crossbow. The dragon wiped the crossbow out of Eric’s hand. Eric went to see the other people and he said where’s Barfbrain over there the people said Eric said to Barfbrain your the dragons lunch  no he said you have to OK said Barfbrain aaaahhhh! Barfbrain screamed. Good job said Eric now Eric said they got there weapons ready and charged at the dragon. The dragon was throwing them every were. They were going in the houses. Then Eric shouted get out of the houses because the dragon will set them on fire they got out of the houses and hid behind every Eric come on Eric said  Eric threw a potion at the dragon the dragon dogged it no! Eric shouted and it hit a spuid  and it turned into a kraken Eric said how is that helpful.