My EXITING Resolution by Jacob

Nervously ,the young Viking was at the Training Hall.Boomer was rapidly getting his axe ready for some dragon trianing in the humungus Trianing Hall at the top of the best of the rocky cliffs in the world to me because it was massive.Boomers best friends were Pixie and Trixie they were the best twins they always had the same shields and axes they lived in candy land but I lived in pixie land but I still don’t understand why they don’t live in Pixie land. But then I had butterflies in my head then my enemy came in.Boomer had the loudest voice in the whole of Pixie land and when he sang he had the loudest voice in the whole world it was nearly the biggest in the universe!

My Extraordinary Resolution by Josh

When the dragon forcibly attaked the church, Wolf and his friends had time with their plan tho stop the furious and revolting dragon from ripping them to pices. It was hard for the boys to see because of all of the dust from the dragon and the burnt down houses. Their plan was to distract the infuriating dragon then wolf comes in and lies on the floor and the dragon will dive at him Jack will find a crossbow and pass it to wolf. Then he will shoot the dragon that is at the moment trying to destroy the chief. The plan is in action so wolf and his friends distract the undefinable dragon which worked like a pice of cake then wolf dived onto the floor like a cheeta that pounced on him. Luckily, he didn’t hurt him self, he dragon spotted wolf and thought he was dead. Pircly the dragon dived at him and Jack found a crossbow and threw it to wolf, wolf cought it and shot the bow right at him and the dead dragon was put in a cage and it was all quiet again. But the only thing is, is when will the pursing dragon wake up again.

Amys amazing ending

After she had to go in to the woods to get a fluffy friendly dragon. She look everywhere to get a wonderful daragon left and right. Soon she came to a clearing in the wood. She did not want to give up yet. She went round again she look left and right. But she just came back to the clearing she sat down on a log and started to cry salty tears dripped slowly down her cheeks all of a sudden she her muching…..

My Action-Packed Resolution By Issy

She woke up with a drooling dragon to the window. Annie felt confused and rolled her eyes. She dressed in armour and a dress. She got some matching armour for her dragon.It was a pure gold piece of armour incrusted with diamonds. Annie muttered to herselfStay safe… She left a note on the inside wall of the house saying “I have gone to the great caves,Annie.”Slowly, Annie left the house and got on Wava.  “How do I ride you…” Wava then just took off to the caves. Shivering, Annie and Wava stepped into the great, dark caves. just then, Wava shot a blazing blue light the revealed secret torches. In one blink, a bone shaking sound echoed to more then 100 miles away. Wava got worried if this could hurt his master. Wava’s icy eyes turned blood red. the water dragon turned to lava and rocks. Annie stood there in shock. She didn’t let herself get distracted. She ran to this monster with no care. Wava blasted out a blast of lava and knocked the dragon down.