My Astonishing Resolution By Ruby H

At the middle of the night that forotios roar went on again.Scarlet grabbed her torch and her magic map that she had got for Christmas. Her mum told her to only use it when she heard a strange noise.She never know why. She quietly step by step slowly went outside . With her torch she found her best friend. As she found a trail of footprints . Next to it was a pile of leaves. Scarlet sat on them …

My brilliant ending by Andrew.

He arrived at the blacksmiths hut. It  wasn’t there hello Eric the blacksmith said  hello Eric said were shutting the blacksmith said.Eric went to see the dragon. He went to his house and got his crossbow. The dragon wiped the crossbow out of Eric’s hand. Eric went to see the other people and he said where’s Barfbrain over there the people said Eric said to Barfbrain your the dragons lunch  no he said you have to OK said Barfbrain aaaahhhh! Barfbrain screamed. Good job said Eric now Eric said they got there weapons ready and charged at the dragon. The dragon was throwing them every were. They were going in the houses. Then Eric shouted get out of the houses because the dragon will set them on fire they got out of the houses and hid behind every Eric come on Eric said  Eric threw a potion at the dragon the dragon dogged it no! Eric shouted and it hit a spuid  and it turned into a kraken Eric said how is that helpful.

My excellent ending by Olivia.

At that moment,the monstrouse beast swished its tail and leaped for the sisters.They dodged the beast and rolled on the floor despratly.The bolted for the nearest house snatched a bow and arrow of the antique table and dashed for the door of the wooden hut.”let’s save our people,” screamed Pixie .”yes but how?” asked Trixie.The twins thought for a moment until Pixie had an idea.”let’s calm it down,” suggested Pixie.So they went to calm it down and eventually found a thorn in its foot.They made friends and lived happily and no one got hurt again.

My recommened resolution by Emma.

At that moment,the immense dragon aggressively swiped his tail trudging towards the terrified Trixie. Her heart was pounding, sweat was dripping, her arm was shaking like a baby’s rattle. Quickly she grabbed her crossbow and shot it at the dragon. The dragon squealed but it didn’t bother him. Trixie remembered that she had a capture net in her hut. Trixie bolted through the burnt broken huts and grabbed her net. She ran back and threw it at the scaly dragon.

“Yeh,” everyone cried.

At the end she was rewarded with a fluffy, freindly dragon.

Dragon Descriptions

There it stood. Four legs and a body. It stared at Hiccup. Hiccup stared back at its flurocesent green eyes. It had a pink body. As pink as a pig but it had black spots as black as coal. Its mouth was as pink as a flamingo. It did have fangs. It also had two heads which meant twice as much trouble. It had metallic supple wings. They were as supple as a cushion. It was… a…drrraaagggon!

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What could we do to improve it?