Lily alone, by Jacqueline Wilson

Lily is the main character and her brother and sisters ( Baxter, Pixie and Bliss) who are also important characters.

In the story Lily’s mum goes on holiday and doesn’t come back for a long time. Lily and her siblings go and live in the park as chaos happens at their house. Lily has to feed clean and entertain the children but it it very tricky.

My favourite part is where Lily robs a house of their food to feed her brother and sisters.

I would recommend this book to people around 8 and 9 because parts of it are a little bit sad.

My breath-taking resolution by Hannah.

Suddenly, there was an eerie hiss followed by a familiar snap. Hannamius was huddled up in a burning bush hiding from the Malicious Mastercous that was wrecking havoc all around. The familiar hiss got closer and closer when all of a sudden, a spray of icy water spurted out of nowhere and a lizard-like figure appeared. Hannamius gasped and crawled forwards. The thing stared at her. She stared at it. They felt a connection between them. Quickly she grabbed it and ran…