A series of unfortunate events Lemony snicket

Who are the main characters?
Violet Klause sunny count Olaf dr Montgomery mr Poe

What happens in the story?
The Baudelaire parents died so they went to count loafs house and count Olaf tried to steel there money.

What is your favourite part and why?
My favourite part is when mr Poe takes the children to dr Montgomery’s house.

Who would you recommend this book too?
8+ you would stop reading these books at the age of 12.

My recommended resouloution. By India

Hesitantly they listened to their friends advice. Annie commented “Look try again train at home and believe in yourself.”
Reggie advised “Don’t be overconfident and try your best.”
Freya and Maya said “Tie your hair back wear something comfortable and do it we believe in you.”
The next day they went in determined as ever. They tried again and again and guess what they did it.