Rings of Responsibility

Today we learnt about being a good digital citizen and what this means. We discussed how our actions online affect ourself, friends and families and the wider community.

What can you remember?

What ring of responsibility would you place these statements in and why?

1) Asking permission before posting a silly photo of a classmate.
2) Using only kind language in a virtual world (e.g Minecraft)
3) Keeping your passwords private.

What does it mean to be a good Digital citizen?

New Blog Page Alert!!!

Hi all,

Exciting news! There is a new page on the blog. At the top, on the black tab, you can now access the book review page where you can tell us all about your latest read. You can even upload a picture of the book’s front cover!

We look forward to reading your recommendations.

Bye for now,

Year 4 Hall.

P.S Students of year 4 Hall, can you spot any fronted adverbials in this post?

Electrocity – time lapse

Here are some time lapses of our Electrocity experience today.

Building Our town! from Jonathan Wells on Vimeo.

Lytham built in a day! from Jonathan Wells on Vimeo.

Light it up! from Jonathan Wells on Vimeo.

Thank you to our visitor Stephen who provided us with so much Lego, learning and fun.
Electrocity Workshop

What did you learn about electricity and circuits today?

Prefixes im and in

Add the correct prefix to these words:

capable mature definite
complete edible
mobile movable precise
passable sincere credible

For each word
1. add the correct prefix
2. What do you notice when you added the prefix? (Are there any rules?)
3. How did you know which prefix to use? How can you check if you are correct?
4. What was the meaning of the root word?
5. What is the meaning of the word with the prefix added?

Working Methodically

Today some children in our class were given a very tricky challenge with missing numbers on subtraction calculations.

Here are some of our excellent mathematicians working collaboratively discussing and checking their work.



Young Mathematicians from Jonathan Wells on Vimeo.

How did you work these challenges out?

Can you give us any tips?

Dragon Descriptions

There it stood. Four legs and a body. It stared at Hiccup. Hiccup stared back at its flurocesent green eyes. It had a pink body. As pink as a pig but it had black spots as black as coal. Its mouth was as pink as a flamingo. It did have fangs. It also had two heads which meant twice as much trouble. It had metallic supple wings. They were as supple as a cushion. It was… a…drrraaagggon!

What do you think of this?

What parts are effective descriptions?

What could we do to improve it?